Hawaiʻi Museums Association hosts a variety of hui (or groups) to facilitate connections between professionals in our field.  Whether you seek professional or social resources, there is a hui for your needs. 

    • Museum Mamas
      This monthly social group aims to connect, explore our communityʻs art and culture programs as well as allow our keiki to play together.  Come meet your fellow museum mamas!
    • Education
      This group meets monthly to discuss opportunities and challenges in the education sector of museum work. 
    • Cultural Resource Management
      This online group exchanges information around challenges and opportunities in cultural resource management.   Group discussions are hosted via a private Facebook group. Please request to join the group at contact@hawaiimuseums.org
    • Pau Hana Meetups
      This informal social group comes together over libations to connect.  We hope to see you there!

Interested in creating or joining a hui?  Let us know by emailing contact@hawaiimuseums.org

    • Past
      Kona Historical Society
      • Conference Programs 
        • 2019 Surrounded by Science,  April Bishop Museum
          Conference Packet 
    • Seeding Authority Talk Story – partnership with Museum Studies
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    • Future
      Recollect – Recollect is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based platform hosted on AWS that allows cultural heritage organizations to manage and make accessible their digital collections online.

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