Poster Session

HMA is looking to up-and-coming museum professionals and requesting submissions for the 2019 Poster Session. 

This Poster Session is an opportunity to obtain new insights, share ideas and projects, as well as network with museum colleagues in an informal setting.

Taking inspiration from our colleagues at the Western Museums Association, the HMA Board is opening this opportunity to emerging museum professionals here in Hawaii for our upcoming 2019 conference “Surrounded by Science”. 

Creating a poster is a wonderful informal way to share an interesting project or case study, have discussions about new ideas and to meet new people.  

As WMA Board Member, Lorie Millward stated “It’s like going to a museum! The room is literally filled with cool graphics, informative text, new or challenging ideas, and amazing people who have dedicated their time to making museums essential community places and spaces.”

Who Can Submit a Proposal

  1. Graduate students and faculty in museum studies, public history, and/or related fields in Hawaii who have done significant or promising work on museum-based projects or research
  2. Emerging museum professionals with less than 5 years of experience in the museum field.
Guidelines:    – The poster size should be roughly 20×25 to 30×42 inches. There will be easels to stand them on.     – Presenters are in charge of printing and bringing their own posters to the conference.    – Your name and contact information should be on your poster.   – Don’t forget to bring business cards with you to share!     For tips and tricks for creating a great poster, review these tips gathered by our colleagues at the Western Museums Association: WMA Poster Session Tips & Tricks