Hawaiʻi Museums Association 2021 Annual Conference

April 16 - 17


For anyone who is interested in further exploring the issue of access in museums, see the following resources. We thank our supporters and members for sharing these links and stories with the HMA conference committee. If you have a resource that you would like to share and add to this list, please email

Resources from our Conference Speakers

Panel 1: Keynote Speakers 

Accessibility at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – An internationally recognized department at the MET known for pioneering programs for people with disabilities. 

Panel 2: Museum Accessibility in Hawaiʻi 

Full Life Hawaiʻi – A Hawai‘i Island non-profit agency dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities lead happy, productive and self-directed lives.

Kīpaipai School of Art – Offers a place for students to access the highest level of artistic knowledge.

Panel 3: The North Shore Ethnographic Field School: Place-based Storytelling in Waialua

North Shore Ethnographic Field School  – A community-based ethnographic field school based in Waialua, Oʻahu. 

Panel 4: Removing Financial Barriers with Museums for All

Museums for all – An IMLS funded initiative to offer free or reduced admission to more than 600 museums throughout the United States to those receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits). 

Institute for Museum and Library Services – an independent federal agency that provides library grants, museum grants, policy development, and research.

Panel 5: Digital Access through Apps and Other Platforms

Lyon Arboretum – An arboretum located in Mānoa Valley that aims to inspire and cultivate the conservation of tropical plant biodiversity, and connect it to the culture of Hawaiʻi through education and research.

Native Stories – A nonprofit audio content platform and production house focused on providing access to authentic stories and experiences – of its people, place, perspective, history and culture – in service to those that came before us and the understanding of life that should be passed down through generations and around the world.

Kona Historical Society’s Story Time Program  – A virtual storytime program that shares short stories about Kona’s unique history and heritage. 

Panel 6: Philanthropy Work—From Grantmakers to Grantseekers

Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities – The Hawaiʻi state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities that conducts and supports public programs in humanities disciplines

Manoa Heritage Center – A 3.5-acre living classroom in Mānoa Valley dedicated to promoting an understanding of Hawaiʻi’s cultural and natural heritage.

Hawaiʻi Community Foundation – A nonprofit dedicated to helping people make a difference by inspiring the spirit of giving and by investing in people and solutions to benefit every Island community.

Panel 7: Access During A Pandemic

Education at the Bishop Museum– Offers a variety of educational experiences, allowing you and your students to engage with interactive, hands-on programs, and guided tours in our exhibit spaces.

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archive – A historic site, museum, library, and archive in downtown Honolulu. 

Panel 8: On the Horizon of 2021: Future Projects & Directions

Hawaiʻi Arts Alliance – An arts organization dedicated to engaging and transforming communities by supporting and cultivating creativity through the Arts. 

UniDescription -A grant-funded research initiative based at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a simple goal: To audio describe the world!

Molokai Art Center – An art center located on the island of  Molokai that provides art classes, youth programs, studio and gallery space for adults, children, residents and visitors. 

Lānaʻi Heritage Center – A heritage center on Lānaʻi that celebrates the land, resources, people, and history of their island. 

Above the Equator Gallery – A new hybrid gallery located in downtown Hilo, Hawai‘i dedicated to promoting artists working from the countries and cultures near the equator, with a strong focus on artists of Hawai‘i.

Lyman Memorial House Museum – A historic home and cultural/natural history museum dedicated to telling the story of Hawaiʻi and its peoples. 

Kamawaelualani Corp. – A nonprofit dedicated to empowering Kaua‘i and her people through cultural and environmental sustainability and education.

Kauaʻi Museum – A history museum that inspires and promotes an appreciation and respect for the indigenous and immigrant people of Kauaʻi and Niʻihau

Other Resources